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Abstract submission

Call for oral and poster presentations

Interested participants are invited to submit a one-page abstract for an oral or poster presentation on one of the topics described in the scope of the conference. Oral presentations must be accompanied by a short CV.

Deadline for submission

Deadline for submission of abstracts is 1 July 2016.

After this date, the printing and the enclosing of your submission in the final document prepared for the participants to the conference cannot be guaranteed by the organizers. Authors will be informed about acceptance of their submission not later than 15 July 2016.

Abstracts and publications

Abstracts will be available at the beginning of the conference. Proceedings reviewed by the Scientific Committee will be later published in a dedicated EUR JRC report.


Novel feed, Food security, Feed fraud, Traceability,
Per topic: the participants should have the choice to select 0 to up to 3 keywords maximum (regardless the number of topics chosen)
1. New feed materials and security
Insect meal / Marine resources
Food waste / rendering / safety
Nano materials / new feed additives
Plant products / By-products
Risk management / Risk assessment
2. Traceability, Authenticity of feed materials including additives
Analytical methods / Standardisation
Markers / Fraud
Geographical / Botanical origin
Organic / Traditional production
Risk management / Risk assessment
3. Contaminants, Undesirable substances, Residues
Analytical methods
Anthropogenic / Endogenous
Feed to food transfer / Modelling
Risk management / Risk assessment
4. The industry perspective
On-site/on-line Measurements
By-products / Rendering Processes
Economical impact / Market strategies
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