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Wednesday 19 October 2016

9:00-9:30Opening session of the Feed 2016 Conference: Elke Anklam, Directorate General Joint
Research Centre, Director of Directorate F - Health, Consumers & Reference Materials

Opening address: Outcome of the Joint WHO/FAO expert meeting on hazards in feed 2015
Sabine Kruse, German Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and
Consumer Protection (BMEL), Germany

Session 1: New feed materials and security (availability of feed/food)
Chairs: Christoph von Holst, DG JRC European Commission & Vincent Baeten, CRA-W
9:30-10:00Keynote speaker 1: Avo Karus (Estonian University of Life Sciences,
Institute of Veterinary Medicine & Animal Science, Estonia)

Valorization of food by-products and waste – challenges and opportunities

10:00-10:20Marta Ponghellini (RC1) - DG SANTE, European Commission

Update on Feed Authorisations: New Authorisations:
New challenges and innovation in Feed Additive sector

10:20-10:40Matteo Ottoboni (RC2) - Department of Health, Animal Science and Food Safety VESPA,
Università degli Studi di Milano, Milan, Italy

Light microscopy technique for the discrimination of insect processed
animal proteins versus marine arthropods

10:40-11:00Marc Berntssen (RC3) - National Institute of Nutrition and Seafood Research, Nordnes,
Bergen, Norway

Modelling the feed-to-food transfer of pharmaceuticals in novel Atlantic
salmon feeds based on processed animal proteins (PAPs)

11:00-11:30Coffee break, poster viewing
11:30-11:50Rafael Codony (RC4) - LiBiFOOD Research Group; Nutrition, Food Science and
Gastronomy Department, University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

Oil standardization: the key step to be done to encourage the use of acid oils?

11:50-12:10Luciano Pinotti (RC5) - Department of Health, Animal Science and Food Safety VESPA,
Università degli Studi di Milano, Milan, Italy

Nutritional evaluation of Former Food Products intended for pig nutrition

12:10-12:30Leo van Raamsdonk (RC6) - RIKILT-Wageningen University and Research Centre,
Wageningen, The Netherlands

New feed ingredients: the insect opportunity

14:00-14:30Poster session 1
Session 2: Traceability/authenticity of feed materials including additives
Chair: Pierre Dardenne, CRA-W & Ana Boix, DG JRC European Commission
14:30-15:00Keynote lecture 2: Paul Brereton - Food and Environment Research Agency (FERA), United Kingdom

New systems for identifying potential risks in the feed chain

15:00-15:20Jens Sloth (RC7) - Technical University of Denmark, National Food Institute (DTU Food),
Søborg, Denmark

Determination of iodine and inorganic arsenic in feed: analytical methods and risk assessment

15:20-15:50Wulf-Dieter Moll (RC8) - BIOMIN Research Center, Tulln, Austria

Oligonucleotides of DNA as specific, biological tracers

15:50-16:10Cathal Connolly (RC9) - Alltech European Bioscience Centre, Sarney, Summerhill Road,
Dunboyne, Co. Meath, Ireland

The use of spectroscopy in the field of mineral chelate analysis.

16:10-16:40Tea break
16:40-17:00Zengling Yang (RC10) - College of Engineering, China Agricultural University,
Beijing, P.R. China

Traceability and authenticity of feed materials using near infrared spectroscopy and
near infrared microspectroscopy: case studies

17:00-17:20Ana Boix (RC11) - DG JRC European Commission

Spectroscopy applied on feed additives of the European Reference Laboratory:
an important tool for traceability

17:20-18:00Poster session 2
18:00shuttle to hotels
19:30Conference dinner

Thursday 20 October 2016

Session 3 Contaminants, undesirable substances, residues
Chair: Jacob de Jong, RIKILT & Ursula Vincent, DG JRC European Commission
9:00-9:30Keynote lecture 3: Frans Verstraete - DG SANTE, European Commission

EU Policy on undesirable substances in feed: recent developments and outlook

9:30-9:50Monica Sanden (RC12) - National Institute of Nutrition and Seafood Research (NIFES),
Bergen, Norway

Levels of undesirable substances in marine feed ingredients, commercial Norwegian fish feed and
farmed Atlantic salmon in the last 13-15 years.

9:50-10:10Olivier Fumière (RC13) - Walloon agricultural Research centre (CRA-W), Agricultural Product
Valorisation Department/European Union Reference Laboratory for Animal Proteins in
Feedingstuffs (EURL-AP), Gembloux, Belgium

Validation of a selected pig real-time PCR assay for the detection of processed animal proteins in

10:10-10:30Ursula Vincent (RC14) - DG JRC European Commission

Candidate standard method for the determination of authorised coccidiostats and banned
anti-bacterial substances in animal feedingstuffs

10:30-11:00Coffee break
11:00-11:20Jacob de Jong (RC15) - RIKILT-Wageningen University and Research Centre,
Wageningen, The Netherlands

An analytical strategy for the early quality and safety assurance in the global feed chain

11:20-11:40Erik Nordkvist (RC16) - National Veterinary Institute, Uppsala, Sweden

Natural chloramphenicol in cereal straw – occurrence, transfer to pigs and possible
implications in official control

11:40-12:00Jorge Numata (RC17) - Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), Berlin, Germany

Computational toxicokinetic modeling for consumer protection against contaminants in
feed and food at the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR)

Session 4 The industry perspective
Chair: Lujia Han, CAU & Joerg Seifert, FEFANA
13:30-14:00Keynote lecture 4: Peter Radewahn - Deutscher Verband Tiernahrung (DVT),
Germany & FEFAC Belgium
14:00-14:20Frank Gort (RC18) - SecureFeed, Wageningen, The Netherlands

SecureFeed – a collective feed safety approach to meet changing demands in the food chain

14:20-14:50Carine van Vuure (RC19) - Darling Ingredients International,
The Netherlands & EFPRA Belgium

Utilising Animal By-Products as a sustainable feed choice for food producing animals

14:50-15:10Vincent Baeten (RC20) - Walloon agricultural Research centre (CRA-W),
Gembloux, Belgium

Analysis of feed at farm and industry levels

15:10-15:40Tea break
15:40-16:00David Eisenberg (RC21) - Anresco Laboratories, San Francisco, The United States

PMicrotracers (R) and Their Use in Coding Feed Products and Premixes in Final Feeds
to Assure Feed Quality and to Assure Authenticity

16:00-16:20Yvan Dejaegher (RC22) - BEMEFA-APFACA, Brussels, Belgium

Feed Safety : Regional, national and international initiatives. A Challenge for the future

16:20-16:50Closing session – Christoph von Holst, DG JRC European Commission

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